”The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power, but self-rejection” – Henri Nouwen

SONY DSCSo, how to avoid this self-rejection trap if all your thoughts are negative? How to avoid negative thoughts if one of the closest people are negative towards you? It’s a difficult one…

However, it’s Monday- a new week and new possibilities and I should be damn grateful for it! And, if you guys feel sad, just listen to this:

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9 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. Oh, PS, I forgot to say I have been playing and enjoying Sharon Shannon. She is an Irish musician who I saw on a BBC Transatlantic Sessions. When I listen to her and watch her on YouTube videos it looks like she is listening to not what she is playing but what should come next. Also, you can she is enjoying the music as she is playing it. It is a very interesting concept. Also on the Transatlantic Sessions Two is Michael Doucet who is a Cajun fiddler (I am originally from Louisiana) and the music is so full of life.

  2. I guess, it’s not easy to handle if closest people are negative towards you. If you’ll not run into this self-rejection trap you should avoid this people for awhile. It’s really not worth to have negative feelings.

  3. And a good Monday morning to you from Texas where the wildflowers are in bloom and popping out all over. As an expert on negative self thoughts may I give you a word of advice? When all of the crap fly’s (coming mainly from yourself with an odd dose from someone who has a place in your life) remember who you are and what is good. Now I really don’t know you but apparently you love music and making music and you have worked hard to become all that you can with it. That in and of itself tells me you are someone worth a whole lot and I am glad to be part of your life (even if it is only through this impersonal blog). So, now you have at least one person in your corner who believes the very best about you. Lean on me when you are down. Pick up your instrument and pour your heart out. Go someplace and see that you are indeed part of something greater. Keep reading Henri Nouwen, or C. S. Lewis or I can really recommend Madeline Lengle (start with A Wrinkle in Time then find her non-fiction works). I leave you with some music. and I hope you end up singing these in your head all day. Blessings on you, you are Loved.

    1. wow, thank you so much for your support, such nice words and for putting your time to write this! It means more than you can imagine! thank you for believing in me as well! all the best to you, mate!

      1. do you have any YouTube videos of your music? I think that would say a lot about you as a person. You might include on in a post here on your blog.

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