Things that annoy me

Thank you so much for your tips and wishes to feel better! It made my whole day-in-bed so much easier to handle. <3 I just came back from the grocery store with lots of garlic, fruits, ginger and vitamin C. It better help, because it’s kinda getting boring to be sick + I have like a million things to do. So, I have to be all healthy and full of energy tomorrow!

Apart of that, I know that I’ve made a few ”Things you didn’t know about be” lists before… But this time, I thought it would be fun to make a list of ”Things that annoy me”. So, you guys could get to know me even more.. So, here are 5 things, that make my blood boil big time, haha:

  • People who GOSSIP about you behind your back.Arrrgh… Seriously, why?! For example: a few months ago, I came to my music academy after not being there for like a week and I met this girl who asked me:

”are you back already?”

me: ”hm..what?”

the girl: ”it’s been a rumor going on that you went to Africa to save children. How was it?”

Well, to be honest, I would like to travel to Africa one day and volunteer, but at that time I was at home in Sweden. Who would come up with something like that and spread it to the whole academy?!

Or people who ask my friends: ”is she really that good at playing violin?” or ”is she dating anyone?”

Seriously, don’t people have better things to do, than talk about me?

  • People who can’t keep their mouths shut and tell everyone your secrets.After meeting people like this, I’ve learned not to tell things about me to a random person or to anyone whatsoever. I don’t trust people anymore! For example: last year, I told my teacher who was always really kind to me (or I thought that he was) about how tough my situation is at the moment, that I have to study and work at the same time etc. Next day, one of his students came to me and asked me about my job and how come I have time with working and studying at the same time. Yep, learned my lesson.
  • People who chew loud and eat with their mouths open.No need explanation for this one.
  • People who think that they know everything and would disagree even if they are wrong. Maybe I am not the best person to complain about this one (you know, sometimes, your alter-evil-ego takes over the body), but give it a break people! No one is gonna die if you have it wrong or if someone else disagrees with you. We are all different and therefore have different opinions, which is more than OK, I think. So, chill!
  • When it’s the end of March, but it’s still /&%€#/&7( COLD here in Sweden…


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