The queen is here

Hey all you hotties out there!

Guess who is blogging? It’s me!  The one and only (drum roll) ANNA aka the best friend of Daina. She asked me if I wanted to guest blogg and here I am. This is actually quite hard to come up with what you should write about. But since I am so talented I will give it a try.

So, at the moment it’s snowing. You heard me! Since we live in Sweden, the spring here starts in April and it’s the best case scenario. Am I sad about the crappy weather? No! Because I embrace it  or it’s the hormones from my morning exercise. Yep, I got up at 6 and went to a morning boxing class that starts at 7!!! Got my ass kicked, since I was the only girl and compare to other guys a complete newbie.

It got me thinking – why do I do it? I mean you do have to get up early, you will be punched in yours face (no worries have a helmet on), you will be in pain from all the work outs, you will be sweating like a pig, you will look totally beautiful  (NOT!) and you will hurt afterwards. So why on earth am I happy to go there and feel amazing when I leave?

My answer is – HOT guys, hahaha just kidding or do I?

Back to been serious. I don’t know about the rest, but I do it because it makes me feel alive! Which leads to a feeling of been strong and fit and healthy and hot and amazing and ruling the world. Even though I am none of these things or am I?

Love you all and hopefully I will be back soon!


Anna <3


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4 thoughts on “The queen is here”

  1. lol I admire your honesty – I’ve reached the age where I DON’T go to a gym so that all the hot swedish girls (not that you get many round here) don’t come in, see me and leave with a look of disappointment/disgust ;)

  2. lol, i’ve recently joined a boxig class too. not at the level yet where you spar and stuff. reason: sounds more badass to say you do boxing than that you go to gym.. and yes.. the hot trainer.. lol not so much the guys.. more chicks ive seen there so far

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