Come back

This windy October evening I decided to finally type in into my browser. I haven’t done that in more that 3 months and to be honest I wasn’t sure whether I should do that. Why not to just wipe everything out like this site never existed?  I mean, who reads my stuff anyways? 

However, I am writing,because I enjoy doing it and quite frankly I’ve missed it more that I thought I would. It’s so refreshing to put my thoughts out – good or bad and oh well, let’s be honest – receive your response as well.

This time, I won’t promise you that  I will blog everyday (I’ve said that sooo many times. It would be fun to go back, read my old posts and actually count how many times I’ve actually said that). Maybe one day I will decide to delete it  forever. God knows…


I remember those fun times, when I couldn’t wait to get back home from school and blog. Or those days when you guys were sharing your thoughts with me. Or those times when I always had my camera with me, just because to make pretty pictures to my blog.

I hope that the inspiration and will to write, share my thoughts and concerns will come back one day!

But again, I can’t be a superwoman and do 10 things at the same time. If I said before that I busy, then it was not even close to how busy I am now… But, it’s lots of fun!

Take care,


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Dreams do come true


skansen2                                                        From today’s concert. 17th century ladies and…. iPhone 5 (???)

OMG!! These past few weeks have been amazing and I feel so blessed to be able to do what I am doing! Seriously… I feel so thankful for all the concerts that I get! It’s a dream come true! And finally I can make living out of being musician and freelance. Things are going good now.. Very good indeed :)

I have never stopped believing in myself. Hard work, visualization every time before going to sleep and positive attitude towards my future no matter what is what keeps me going and making my dreams come true…

Another funny thing is, that… well, I am a bit of an over-achiever, so it’s kinda never enough. Now, I have came up with new dreams and goals and can’t wait to make them true as well! But for tonight, I am going to chill in my bed and enjoy the feeling of being positively-tired from a super hectic week.

Good night <3


The pink string quartet

Wait, whaaat?! Time goes so fast, when you have a lot to do. Has it been 3 weeks since my last post?! Really?? Oh, wow…

Well, I have been playing (and singing) in a bunch of weddings, have done some gigs at bars as well as been recording, writing and just working as usual. It’s so much fun to have a lot to do, but when you are on the run for 3 weeks without no breaks and working like 12 hours a day, it’s beginning to be a little bit too much… But, I won’t complain, it’s fun!!

den rosa kvartetten                                                                               ”The pink string quartet”




My week off passed so fast and therefore I would love to have one more week to relax and do nothing. Ain’t gonna happen. It was so wonderful to be at home, hang out with my mom and animals, meet my friends and eat Lithuania food. However, I am happy to be back in Sweden and to continue all my upcoming projects (there are a few).

For those who don’t have a clue about Lithuania, here are 3 facts about the country I am from:

  • In Lithuania we speak Lithuanian. Not Russian. Besides, Lithuanian is not even similar to Russian, because it belongs to Baltic group of languages (Lithuanian and Latvian).
  • Beer is cheaper than bread. (I don’t drink beer though, such a shame haha)
  • Lithuanians are probably the people in the world who move to other countries to work, but go back to Lithuania for vacation (even I do that, haha)

you-re than you

”Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” – Dr. Seuss

Quirbach Photography

Guess what? I am alive!!! After the migrane went away and my eye got better (yes, I somehow got an eye inflammation as well), the world is just as awesome as it was before! Tomorrow I am going to visit my old friends in Vilnius and then I am gonna go back to Stockholm. It is gonna be hard to say goodbye to my mom (well, it’s always like that), but I am looking forward to get back to my projects and make my new exciting ideas come true. I feel like nature, good food and long walks with my dog helped me a lot to relax and recharge my batteries. I really needed that.

Greetings from Lithuania

Hey guys,

it is a real summer here (almost too warm, haha), my dog is sleeping in my bed only (since I will be here for only a week, I don’t mind), even our cat is a bit more friendly than he usually is, the food is awesome and yesterday I got a migrane attack and spend the whole day under the blancket. Yeah, so typical. As soon as you are on vacation  the body is like: ”I should totally get sick!” So evil… However, I feel much better today and will not let this ruin my awesome time here!

I hope you guys are doing great!

Tack to you soon!



Hejdå Sverige

It’s….. vacation time!!! Finally… I am so looking forward to go for longs walks with my dog, chat with mom and meet old friends. I promised myself to stay away from facebook and instagram, and internet in general. (Ok, maybe I will update you guys time to time, we will see). I just need some peace.
Need to recharge my batteries to be able to play concerts and work the whole summer. Big time.



Live what you love


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