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New clinics, consulting, events Tospecial, skin. You accompany me back sites to share tips and photos, questions and interact with my online community. Are there any side effects to the use of Smartlash Tweetare?Smartlash, type IQderma, is today one of the most popular Eyelash Enhancer on the market.   Although other Eyelash serums and power-ups available at the front desk as Prolash plus, Latisse, RevitaLash, Idol lash, another wide range of Smartlash has collected, as the numerous positive comments and reviews evidenced. Their products are displayed, is to help to fulfill the promise to the eyelashes to grow longer, fuller and thicker. Eyelashes more to focus on the eyes, which seem brighter and more and is usually more attractive. Smartlash EffectsSmartlash page Smartlash, using VisiLash technology, prevents the harmful effects and the side effects often cause that these types of products. They say that use ingredients scientifically recognized. Water is the main ingredient in the most other cosmetic Eyelash serums and this product.   The active ingredients are baby-bark extract, soybean oil, mannitol and Apigenin, lecithin, panthenol, among others. It contains no prostaglandins, often used by the competition of lash enhancers. Prostaglandin has been demonstrated to raise, the darkening of the skin of the eyelids in some individuals. Smart lash has fewer side effects than other comparable products. Special Smartlash twice daily, morning and evening use.   Applied eyes to apply similar to eyeliner and also in the skin under the brow, to preferred form of the eyebrows. The disadvantage of the whip smart and competitive products seem, once you stop the card return produced on their small original length.   Therefore, the more use is required, if you want long lashes. Prescription is not required for this Eyelash serum.   It is safe for the eyebrows and contains no parabens. There were no reported signs of a discoloration of the skin.  Smartlash-proof UseDuring additional clinical use has given excellent results for individual events. Reported an overall increase in 68% of the length of the whip during a period of 60 days and an increase of almost 100% by volume and density of eyelashes after four weeks of use in an independent medical study. Smartlash can be used alone or in combination with mascara. Contact lens wearers can also use the product without the risk of irritation.   All IQderma products, including this one, we are back with a 30-day guarantee, if there be no visible results are after using this Eyelash Enhancer. In addition, extend to eyelashes can lash smart also help Eyelash enhancer, to eliminate or reduce their need for chemicals, lumpy, expensive mascara idol lash blog eyelashes and eyebrows, eyelashes glue bothers and tacky extensions for the drying of the skin.   For more information about this product, see our main page or here for more details about the possible side effects.  Keywords: Comments on EffectsSmartLash page Smartlash side effects Reviewssmart Eyelash Enhancer-002, Effectsyhs page,.